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    Famous Alumni


     "That's what a man can hope for during his lifetime - to set an example - and when he is dead, to be an inspiration for history." William McKinley- 25th President of the United States




    David Spade

  • William Faulkner

  • Robet Ballard: Discoverd Titanic

  • Pete Carroll

  • Carson Palmer

  • Phil Jackson

  • Troy Aikman

  • Mack Brown

  • Eliot Ness

  • Pete Maravich

  • President William Mckinley

  • Fred Savage


    ▪ Sandro Corsaro – Author and TV Show Creator
    ▪ William Faulkner – Nobel Prize-winning author, University of Mississippi
    ▪ Albert Jay Nock – Author and social critic
    ▪ Walker Percy – Author, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    ▪ Jimmy Dunne (Songwriter) – songwriter, recording artist, composer, film and television producer, entrepreneur, and president of Inspire, University of Kentucky
    ▪ Glen Ballard – veteran songwriter and producer, University of Mississippi
    ▪ Dierks Bentley – country music singer University of Vermont
    ▪ Nick Lachey – Singer and former husband of Jessica Simpson, Miami University
    ▪ George McConnell – Guitarist, formerly of Beanland and Widespread Panic, University of Mississippi
    ▪ Rudy Vallee – entertainer University of Maine, Yale University
    ▪ Joshua Radin – acoustic guitarist, singer-songwriter, Northwestern University
    ▪ Bobby Hatfield – Singer, the Righteous Brothers, California State University Long Beach
    ▪ Todd Low – Drummer, songwriter for Radagun, California State University Fresno
    ▪ Ed Wilson – President of Tribune Broadcasting (Tribune Company), former President of Fox Television, NBC Enterprises, and CBS Enterprises, University of Arkansas
    ▪ George Bodenheimer – President of ESPN Inc. and ESPN on ABC
    ▪ Dave Campbell – ESPN baseball broadcaster, University of Michigan
    ▪ Jack Edwards – Former ESPN Broadcaster and current NESN play-by-play announcer for the Boston Bruins, University of New Hampshire
    ▪ Ron Franklin – ESPN college football and basketball broadcaster, University of Mississippi
    ▪ George Gallup – Creator of Gallup Poll, University of Iowa
    ▪ Philip Graham – Former publisher of the Washington Post and Newsweek, University of Florida
    ▪ Ernie Harwell – Former baseball broadcaster for the Detroit Tigers, Emory University
    ▪ Ed Hinton – ESPN NASCAR columnist, University of Southern Mississippi
    ▪ Chet Huntley- NBC News Anchor Montana State University
    ▪ Ernie Pyle – Pulitzer Prize winning World War II journalist, Indiana University
    ▪ Ryen Russillo – co-host of The Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN Radio, University of Vermont
    ▪ Charles Strum – Associate managing editor for the New York Times, Dickinson College
    ▪ James J. Kilpatrick – Syndicated newspaper columnist, author University of Missouri
    ▪ Hughes Rudd – CBS News anchor, correspondent University of Missouri
    ▪ Jack Crichton – Oil and gas industrialist in Texas
    ▪ Scott T. Ford- CEO, Alltel Wireless, University of Arkansas
    ▪ J.B. Fuqua – Former businessman and philanthropist. The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University is named after him
    ▪ Steve Lacy – President & CEO, Meredith Corporation, Kansas State University
    ▪ David S. Lewis, Jr. – Former Chairman & CEO, General Dynamics Corporation, Georgia Tech
    ▪ William Perez – CEO, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
    ▪ Paul L. Foster – President and CEO of Western Refining, Baylor University
    ▪ T. Boone Pickens, Jr. – Chairman, Mesa Petroleum, Oklahoma State University
    ▪ John H. Pinkerton – Chairman and CEO of Range Resources, Texas Christian University
    ▪ Charles Price II – Chairman and CEO – Price Candy Company University of Missouri
    ▪ Richard Scruggs – Lawyer, University of Mississippi
    ▪ Chris Sullivan, founder Outback Steakhouse, University of Kentucky
    ▪ Ed Wilson – President of Chicago based Tribune Broadcasting, University of Arkansas
    ▪ Howard Wood – Co-founder, Charter Communications and former President & CEO, Cencom Cable Television, Washington University
    ▪ William T. Young – Businessman, Founder and former CEO of JIF, University of Kentucky
    ▪ Kurt Darrow – Businessman, CEO/President of La-Z-Boy, Adrian College
    ▪ Brian Lamb, C-SPAN’s chairman and CEO(Purdue University)
    ▪ Carl H. Lindner III – CEO of American Financial Group, University of Cincinnati
    ▪ S. Craig Lindner – Co-CEO and Co-President of American Financial Group, President of Great American Insurance Company, University of Cincinnati
    ▪ Ed Fuller – President of Marriott International
    ▪ David J. West – Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Hershey Company Bucknell University
    ▪ David Einhorn – President, Greenlight Capital Cornell University
    ▪ Doug Burgum – Senior Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions North Dakota State University
    ▪ Louis Wood – Business Development Director Jupiter Asset Management
    ▪ John Thompson Dorrance – Founder Campbell’s Soup, MIT
    ▪ James M. Farr – President of the University of Florida
    ▪ Bruce Grube – President of Georgia Southern University
    ▪ Ralph Cooper Hutchinson – President of Washington & Jefferson College
    ▪ Stephen G. Jennings – President of the University of Evansville
    ▪ Luis Proenza- President of University of Akron
    ▪ Don C. Davis- President Emeritus of Cameron University
    ▪ Gary Ransdell – President of Western Kentucky University
    ▪ Terry S. Maness- Dean of the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University
    ▪ Jason T. Rowland- Award Winning Educator- Instructor Emeritus of Social Sciences CCSD
    ▪ William McKinley – Twenty-fifth President of the United States (R), Mount Union College
    ▪ Max Baucus – U.S. Senator from Montana (D), Stanford University
    ▪ J.C.W. Beckham – Former U.S. Senator from Kentucky (D); youngest Governor of Kentucky; namesake of Beckham County, Oklahoma, Centre College
    ▪ Jim DeMint – U.S. Senator from South Carolina (R), University of Tennessee
    ▪ Pete Domenici – Former U.S. Senator from New Mexico (R), University of New Mexico
    ▪ Peter Fitzgerald – Former U.S. Senator from Illinois (R), Dartmouth College
    ▪ John J. Hickey – Former Wyoming governor and U.S. Senator (D), University of Wyoming
    ▪ Johnny Isakson – U.S. Senator from Georgia (R), University of Georgia
    ▪ Connie Mack III – Former Florida U.S. Senator (R), University of Florida
    ▪ Larry Pressler – Former South Dakota U.S. Senator (R), University of South Dakota
    ▪ David Pryor – Former Arkansas Governor and U.S. Senator (D), University of Arkansas
    ▪ Mark Pryor – U.S. Senator from Arkansas (D), University of Arkansas
    ▪ George Smathers- Former U.S. Senator and Congressman from Florida (D), philanthropist, University of Florida
    ▪ Dennis Chavez – Former U.S. Senator from New Mexico University of New Mexico
    ▪ Richard Russell – Former US Senator from Georgia University of Georgia
    ▪ William Reynolds Archer, Jr. – Former U.S. Representative (R), Chairman -House Ways and Means Committee, University of Texas
    ▪ Allen Boyd – Former US Representative from Florida (D), Florida State University
    ▪ Jay Dickey – Former US Representative from Arkansas (R), University of Arkansas
    ▪ David Drier – US Representative from California (R), University of La Verne
    ▪ Thomas W. Ewing – Former US Representative from Illinois (R), Millikin University
    ▪ Paul Gillmor – Former US Representative from Ohio (R), Ohio Wesleyan University
    ▪ Ralph Regula – Former US Congressman from Ohio (R), Mount Union College
    ▪ John Shadegg – Former US Congressman from Arizona (R), University of Arizona
    ▪ Charles Walter “Charlie” Stenholm – Former US Congressman from Texas (D), Texas Tech University
    ▪ Haley Barbour – Current Governor of Mississippi (R); former chairman of the Republican National Committee, University of Mississippi
    ▪ Joe Foss – Former South Dakota Governor (R); Medal of Honor recipient; leading USMC ace pilot, 1st Commissioner of the AFL, former NRA President, University of South Dakota
    ▪ William L. Guy – Former North Dakota Governor (D), North Dakota State University
    ▪ Gary Johnson – Former Governor of New Mexico (R), University of New Mexico
    ▪ Paul B. Johnson, Jr. – Former Governor of Mississippi (D), University of Mississippi
    ▪ John Lynch – Current Governor of New Hampshire (D), University of New Hampshire
    ▪ Sidney S. McMath – Former Governor of Arkansas (D), Marine General & Renowned Trial Lawyer, University of Arkansas
    ▪ Robert D. Ray – Former Governor of Iowa (R), Drake University
    ▪ Robert D. Blue – Former Governor of Iowa, Drake University
    ▪ Brian Sandoval – Current Governor of Nevada University of Nevada
    ▪ Ivan Allen Jr. – Former Mayor of Atlanta (D), Georgia Tech
    ▪ Jerry Sanders – Current Mayor of San Diego (R), San Diego State University
    ▪ Henry M. Paulson – Former U.S. Treasury Secretary, Former CEO of Goldman Sachs Group, Dartmouth College
    ▪ Don Evans – Former US Commerce Secretary (R), University of Texas
    ▪ Michael Geppi – Former Harford County Councilman (R), Towson University
    ▪ L.Q.C. Lamar – Statesman (D), Justice of US Supreme Court, University of Mississippi
    ▪ Wilson Livingood – Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives, Michigan State University
    ▪ Richard Myers – Former Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff, Kansas State University
    ▪ Eliot Ness – Prohibition agent, University of Chicago
    ▪ Charles Price II – Former Ambassador to the United Kingdom University of Missouri
    ▪ Richard Riley – Former US Secretary of Education, Former Governor of South Carolina (D), Furman University
    ▪ Pat Robertson – Christian leader, 1988 Presidential Candidate (R), Washington and Lee University
    ▪ Kenneth Schissler – Former Maryland State Delegate (R), Salisbury State University
    ▪ Mark Taylor – Former Georgia State Senator representing the 12th District, Former Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, Emory University
    ▪ Louis R. Tobacco- New York State Assemblyman representing Staten Island’s 62nd District (R), University at Albany
    ▪ GEN Charles C. Campbell, USA (Ret.) – US Army General (Retired), former FORSCOM commander, and last continuously serving Army officer with Vietnam experience,Louisiana State University
    ▪ Edmund Kirby Smith – General, Confederate States of America, The University of the South
    ▪ Steven D. Johnson – Former Commander Bartlett, Tennessee Police Department, University of Tennessee – Martin
    ▪ MajGen William G. “Bill” Bowdon, USMC (Ret.) – United States Marine Corps Combat Aviator, Louisiana State University
    ▪ Mark Fletcher Taylor- 10th Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, Emory University
    ▪ Bruce L. Castor, Jr. – Former District Attorney and current Commissioner of Montgomery County, PA; noted trial lawyer, Lafayette College
    ▪ Robert Ballard – Oceanographer, Explorer, discovered the wreckage of the RMS Titanic in 1985,”German Battleship Bismarck” in 1989, and the Roman trading ship “Isis”,University of California, Santa Barbara
    ▪ Steve Fossett – aviator and adventurer, Stanford University
    ▪ Robert H. Goddard – Father of modern controlled rocketry, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    ▪ William Oefelein – NASA Astronaut, Oregon State University
    ▪ William B. Lenoir – NASA Astronaut, MIT
    ▪ Harry Agganis – Boston University football All American, Boston Red Sox 1B, “The Golden Greek”, Boston University
    ▪ Scott Boras – Pro baseball agent, University of the Pacific
    ▪ Ken Caminiti – Former professional baseball player, San Jose State University
    ▪ Jason Castro – #10 Pick in 2008 MLB Draft Stanford UniversityHouston Astros
    ▪ David Freese – St. Louis Cardinals third baseman and 2011 NLCS MVP, University of Missouri[1]
    ▪ John Gall – Florida Marlins minor league outfielder Stanford University
    ▪ Ryan Garko – San Francisco Giants first baseman, Stanford University
    ▪ Mike Gosling – Toronto Blue Jays minor league pitcher, Stanford University
    ▪ Mark Lamping – Former president of the St. Louis Cardinals and CEO of the Meadowlands Stadium Company, Rockhurst University
    ▪ Kevin McClatchy – Current CEO and former majority owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, University of California, Santa Barbara
    ▪ Graig Nettles – Former Major League Baseball player, San Diego State University
    ▪ Greg Reynolds – Colorado Rockies pitcher, Stanford University
    ▪ Walt Terrell – Former professional baseball player, Morehead State University
    ▪ Clint Robinson- Kansas City Royals minor league first baseman Troy University
    ▪ Mike Gminski – Professional basketball player, Duke University
    ▪ Jud Heathcote – Former Michigan State University Basketball Coach, Washington State University
    ▪ Phil Jackson – Professional basketball coach, University of North Dakota
    ▪ “Pistol Pete” Maravich – Professional basketball player, Louisiana State University
    ▪ Jack Twyman – Professional basketball player, University of Cincinnati
    ▪ Kevin Grevey – Professional basketball player, University of Kentucky
    ▪ Troy Aikman – Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl MVP Quarterback and Hall of Famer
    ▪ Chris Ault – University of Nevada-Reno football coach, University of Nevada
    ▪ Tony Boselli – Professional football player, University of Southern California
    ▪ Doug Brien – Former NFL place-kicker, University of California, Berkeley
    ▪ Mack Brown – University of Texas football coach, Florida State University
    ▪ Pete Carroll – Seattle Seahawks football coach, University of the Pacific
    ▪ Greg McElroy – University of Alabama QB 2009 National Champions, NFL QB for the New York Jets
    ▪ Kyle Cook – Current Center for Cincinnati Bengals, Michigan State University
    ▪ Doug Dickey – Football coach at University of Tennessee and University of Florida
    ▪ Paul Dietzel – Football coach at Louisiana State University, Miami University
    ▪ Francis A. “Mother” Dunn, Former halfback for the Canton Bulldogs, Dickinson College
    ▪ Dennis Erickson – football coach, Montana State University
    ▪ Ed McCaffrey – Professional football player, Stanford University
    ▪ Don Nehlen – Former head football coach at West Virginia University, Bowling Green State University
    ▪ John Offerdahl – Former NFL linebacker, Western Michigan University
    ▪ Todd Peterson – Former NFL place-kicker, University of Georgia
    ▪ Matt Prater – NFL Kicker for the Denver Broncos, University of Central Florida
    ▪ Peter Pund – Captain and Center for the 1928 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team, member of the College Football Hall of Fame.
    ▪ Bo Schembechler – Former University of Michigan football coach, Miami University
    ▪ Adam Seward – Linebacker for the Carolina Panthers, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    ▪ Dennis K. “Dutch” Stanley – Football coach at University of Florida
    ▪ Drew Stanton – Detroit Lions quarterback, Michigan State University
    ▪ Everett Strupper – College Football Hall of Fame halfback, Georgia Institute of Technology
    ▪ Barry Switzer – (Honorary) former football coach University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys, University of Oklahoma
    ▪ Fran Tarkenton- Quarterback of Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, University of Georgia
    ▪ David Treadwell – Former NFL kicker, Clemson University
    ▪ Carson Palmer – Quarterback of Oakland Raiders, University of Southern California
    ▪ Darryl McCray- Wide Receiver, Sprinter of Alma College
    ▪ Denny Thum – President of the Kansas City Chiefs Rockhurst University
    ▪ Lloyd Yoder – College Football Hall of Fame tackle, Carnegie Mellon University
    ▪ Richard Brehaut – University of California, Los Angeles Quarterback
    ▪ Andy Bean – Golf announcer, player on the PGA Champions Tour, University of Florida
    ▪ Bob Gilder – Golfer, PGA Champions Tour, Arizona State University
    ▪ Bobby Jones – Famous amateur golfer/lawyer, Founder of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament. Georgia Tech
    ▪ Gary Koch – Golfer, sportscaster, course designer, University of Florida
    ▪ Tom Purtzer – Golfer, PGA Champions Tour, Arizona State University
    ▪ Steve Melnyk, University of Florida
    ▪ Bob Bryan – Tennis player, Stanford University
    ▪ Mike Bryan – Tennis player, Stanford University
    ▪ Patrick McEnroe – Tennis professional, Stanford University
    ▪ Bob Baffert – Kentucky Derby Winner, University of Arizona
    ▪ Andy Douglas – Professional wrestler, Morehead State University
    ▪ Joey Gilbert – Professional Boxer, University of Nevada
    ▪ Peter Howard – Former world champion snooker player, Stanford University
    ▪ Ron Mason – Former college hockey coach and current athletics director at Michigan State University
    ▪ Chris Pontius – Forward for D.C. United, University of California, Santa Barbara
    ▪ Dave Shondell – Head Volleyball Coach at Purdue University, Ball State